A Week Revisited

In June, I posted about a typical week in my life.  It’s approximately 4 months later, and I have decided to revisit the subject (yes, even though I did mention I would a month later… but hey I’m busy!).  This graph is a bit more cubism-y (actually, more like geometric abstraction if you want to get technical) and each shape is the size of the hours (so a 1×1 square represents one hour in my week).

I knew I wanted to do different sized squares/rectangles for this design, but I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to place them together.  I thought of putting them all in a line, a take on a traditional bar graph, but thought they would look better assembled.  Organizing my time chunks is much like organizing my actual time (ahhhh analogy!), trying to fit all these different sizes/activities into one cohesive shape/schedule.


A couple of notes

  • I still sleep about 8 hours a night (anyone jealous?)
  • “Eat” is both cooking and actually eating
  • TV includes watching shows online
  • “Job” is my main job (a new one since the last post)
  • “Work” are all my sub-jobs and work-related volunteering

So if we compare the changes that I wanted to accomplish from the first post:

  • Keep sleep as it is SUCCESS
  • Decrease work FAIL
  • Increase fitness SUPER FAIL (yes, it did go up in the summer… but it’s pretty much at zero now… I did account it a measly 1 hour for the whole week… but that’s pushing it)
  • Increase friend time MAYBE?
  • Decrease driving (which will only really happen in September) SUCCESS! (I was right!)

While I did want to decrease my workload, and in fact increased it instead, I feel like now that I spend less time driving, I use that time to work more… Which at first sounds bad, but because I can leave later, and get home earlier, I actually have more of my evenings to do my other tasks.  And no, just because I can leave later in the mornings, does not mean I get to sleep in!  I dedicate my extra time in the mornings for one of my “sub-jobs”, and make sure that’s what I focus that time on, and nothing else.

It’s called time management people!  And I just happen to love organizing things, including my time, and I am either really good at, which is probably why I’ve started watching more TV (darn that Netflix!)… or really bad at it, and must be forgetting things!

My goals for the next few months:

  • Increase “me” branding time – aka more blogging, social media-ing, reading relevant blogs and other industry news
  • Workout more (please please let’s try this one again!)
  • Read more books (I need to start using that library card again)
  • Cleaning and organizing my house more

The only issue is that these are all additions to my time… and if anyone is good at math (or is just logical) then you’ll know that something will have to be subtracted in order for it to fit…

I guess only time will tell!


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