Trying to Find my Way Out

Last night I had a strange dream that I was back at my old college after being dropped off by a bus.  I had with me a back pack, and was wearing a coat, sweater, etc.  In order to get to the next bus stop, you could cut through the campus/building and so I was trying to do just that.  Whilst in the building, I became warm and decided to take off some layers.  I was then carrying all these extra things in my arms, which became cumbersome.

I should also mention that since I have not been in school for a while, I could not quite remember the exact path to take to get to the other side of the building.  Once, I went through a hallway, and was presented with two doors, one with glass panels allowing me to see the other side, and the other which did not have glass panels (therefore I could not see what was beyond).  I picked the doors that did not have glass.

I then saw another student take a narrow spiral staircase down, probably to get to the bus stop; since I guess I was not on a ground floor.  I decided to take that staircase down however, there was an open classroom to the right (on both levels) and the professor and students gave me a look, as it was probably for that class only.  I continued on.

I reached another wider, spiral staircase, and this time, the burden of carrying my coat, sweater, etc. became too much, and they fell down.  The coat fell through the center of the staircase, so that it was several levels below.  My black sweater hung on the railing against the wall.  There was a space between the wall, and as I tried to quickly grab my sweater, it fell a bit, so that I could only hold onto a small piece.  It was hard to fight gravity to bring my sweater back up, so I ultimately decided to let it go, as I would go pick it up on the next level below.

I eventually reached both my sweater and coat, and thought it would be a good idea to put them in my back pack.  I guess there was still a bit of room (and it was kind of like Mary Poppins’ bag) that I could stuff both of them in, with a bit of room left at the top.

I continued on my way.  The end.

What a strange dream I say!  I can say that the taking off layers might have to do with the fact that I was hot last night, and had to take some of the covers off… but the rest of it leads to some more interpretation.  Maybe I’m trying to fix the way things are going, but I’m finding it hard to find a way out?  Who knows!

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