Travelling an Uphill Battle

Last night I had another strange dream involving travel related themes, and trying to get somewhere that seemed un-attainable.

I was riding in a taxi with my friend Yasmine, and it must have been early morning or late night, as it was dark outside.  We were trying to meet my mom at a hotel in Toronto, so we could spend the night.  After driving down a snaking, winding, downhill, dirt road (which do not exist downtown Toronto), I noticed that the taxi driver had passed the hotel on the right (which was the only tall building around… oddly enough).  He then told me that there would be no way to turn around, since the road was so windy, and that we would have to go all the way down, then turn on another street and come back up.  However, once we reached the bottom , there was a traffic jam going in the opposite direction, and we had to get out and walk there.

We walked all around the downtown area to try and find a subway or other method to get back up the hill to the hotel (since walking was not an option).  We had to navigate our way through the Eaton Centre, and it was there that my mother called me asking me where we were.  I explained my situation, then told her that it was lucky we were in the Eaton Centre, since we knew our way around; and that we would be trying to get back to the hotel area soon.

After getting through to the other side of the mall, and exiting on the street, i noticed that it was a very different Toronto than what i remembered (even taking into account the winding dirt road).  There were different style buildings with architecture from around the world.  The Eiffel Tower was even there! However, that didn’t seem to phase us, and we hopped on an above-ground  train/trolley that would take us back up the hill.  At the 4th stop, we could finally see the hotel again, but i figured there would be a closer stop, so we decided to stay on and get off at the next one.

Bad idea! Since apparently the trolley/train only makes four stops, and it took us all the way back down the hill to the first stop!

Oh my life!

These “struggling to get anywhere” dreams are getting out of hand… but don’t worry, i’ll post if i have any more!

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