Tibble: A Poem About a Boy

I recently went through my old files and things from when I was a child.  (Actually, you read about the whole cleaning process here).  In one of my bins, I came across a poem I had written when I was younger.  I had it dated as September 22nd, but I omitted the year.  Based on my writing and signature, I know it was definitely pre-2002.  And guess what?  I am sharing it here because I think it’s pretty clever:

This is a story about Tibble
Tibble is a little boy,
Who got very hungry
And ate his sister’s toy

Then his Mom shouted
“Stop, you can wait until lunch!”
But he took his toys
And ate the whole bunch.

Then he looked at his hand,
And started to nibble
His Mom then shouted
“Stop that Tibble!”

I know this sounds stupid
And it may sound dumb,
But you’re not the one,
Who’s missing a thumb!

I mean, that last line is genius!  And I may add, that I didn’t have any spelling mistakes at all (well, unless there are some now… in which case I haven’t gotten any smarter since I was young!).  I did add a word in and change some sentences around from the original – added “little” to the second line, changed the 6th line from “No I won’t make you lunch” and reworked the 11th line from “Then his Mom shouted” (because I thought there were too many “then”s starting each sentence).

And there you have it!

Oh, and in case you missed it – I linked above to my new Home Renovation Blog… yay one sidebar goal crossed off!

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