Some Fall Musings

First off, am I not just the worst blogger ever?  I REALLY need to create a schedule and stick to it this time!  But don’t I always say that? Yep in September 2013 and then again in January 2014 I vowed I would blog more… and it’s been an average of one post every three months since then?  Whoops!  Maybe third time’s the charm?

OK!  So here it goes! I will… blog… every… THURSDAY!  I am writing it down and forcing myself to stick to my plan.  Heck, a few months ago (actually over a year ago), I even made a spreadsheet that detailed what my future blog posts were going to be about.  I had almost ten solid ideas, with some sample info, titles already made, etc.  And you know when it’s on a spreadsheet… you mean business!  But alas, I became lazy/busy and didn’t stick to my plans.  It’s probably too late to write about the new Google Home Page re-design right?  (and yes, that was just a link to Google… haha).

So now, I think I will put my ideas into a web calendar and have it email/message me every week so I can remember.  That’s what the pro bloggers must do at least, right?  To keep this ___________  (insert word here, ex: boring/useless) blog post short, I will write in point form for as much as I can from now (also, because people are more likely to read lists than paragraphs).

What I’ve been up to lately/since the last post:

1 This was last week actually and a lot of fun, I will blog about this event in the near future!
2 Ok, this just started yesterday – but already I am super motivated to do better and be better (notice me blogging again?) And I will be discussing next week – see list below for details!
3 Booo a bad thing on the list that goes against past hopes and dreams!

What I will be discussing next week (Skip ahead to Business Card Designs Here):

  • NEW business card design
  • Personal branding
  • Networking
  • yada yada
  • but seriously… NEW BUSINESS CARD DESIGN4

4 I’m SUPER excited about this because I literally just designed these today and I can’t wait to hand these out… but first, they actually need to be printed 🙁

PS: My WordPress plugin “Easy Related Posts” stopped working.  Anyone know a good alternative OR how to fix the error in the code?

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