Road Trip Photos

I have an idea to somehow mount a camera to the dash of my car.  I would set it up to take a picture every minute while I am driving a long trip.  So for 8 hours, there would be 480 pictures, and I would assemble them into a video as frames; therefore about 16 seconds of stop-motion-y type of video.

I have no idea how to do this!  First of all, I need to create a mounting device so that the camera wouldn’t move.  That’s probably the easy part.  The hard part would be to somehow set up the camera on a timer to take a picture every minute while the car is moving.  I don’t know of any cameras that can actually do that naturally, maybe some type of DSLR?  That way I wouldn’t have to reach over and press  the button… because I would obviously care more about driving that the pictures…

It would also be neat to somehow capture the audio at the frame in which the pictures were taken.  Then in the end when i compile my video, it would have some weird intermixed audio and be like a timelapse of my trip.  So then I thought of having the camera just record video right?   But then I would have to find a camera that would last 8 hours, and then take the time to go through the entire footage and remove all the frames in between the one minute markers, which seems like a lot more work than just the pictures themselves.

Well I will keep thinking about it, and maybe I can do some research to see if its actually been done before!

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