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I’ve finally started updating my portfolio website!  Although it’s been a project I’ve wanted to work on for at least a year, a couple of months ago I made a point to remind myself (via my sidebar widget ->) to actually start working on it.  It’s always difficult to take time and update your own stuff when you’re busy working on projects for other people, but my schedule has (sort of) slowed down.  Just kidding, I still seem to be working everyday!

But you know what they say,

You always make time for the things you (actually) want to do.

Not sure who actually did say that, I think I heard it at FITC perhaps?  Nevertheless, recently I’ve tried to use it as a mantra for my life, and thus began my journey to update my website!

For some reason I always seem to update my portfolio website in March (maybe because it’s my birthday month?) and so wayyyy back in October I think that “March” was the timeline I had thought about in my subconscious.  Anyways!  Some of the goals of my new website design were:

  1. Make it responsive (ie: mobile friendly)
  2. Add all the content that I haven’t updated in the past year+
  3. Bring the overall design back to how it was a few versions ago

I might have mentioned that last point in the update about my business card design, basically how I’ve always loved the look of one of the past websites I did.  In fact, not only was a similar design used on my new business cards, but I had actually used that same style on my resume and price chart as well.


I also just realized that I never posted a photo of my new business cards!  My millions of readers/followers must be so anxious to know how they turned out (cue exaggerated gasp).  Well they are lovely if you ask me, but what’s best is how they actually feel (I went with a smooth finish on the stock and they are super soft).


So where am I with the website updates?  Well, I think the layout is 90% complete and I’m just starting to bring in my old content to see how everything fits together.  For my own website, I always prefer to code everything from scratch (even though people tell me that no one does that anymore?).  But this time, I “cheated” and used Skeleton.js, a boilerplate template for creating responsive CSS.  So far it’s working great, thanks for pointing me to this product Brittany!

I’m hoping to have everything done within the next week or so (depending how long it takes me to organize all my new work, which means everything I’ve done in the past two years).  And my ultimate goal is to have the site up by FITC Toronto, but I should have a few weeks to spare for that deadline!

Wish me luck 🙂

PS: I love the rainbow foil on my new cards – very me!


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