Planning to Start, Up-Start That Is!

Hey, remember back in October when I talked about all the goals I wanted to achieve in my life?  It was then that I also mentioned that I had started attending Entrepreneurship 101 through Norcat in Sudbury.  Flash forward to now, almost four months later and we just got over the halfway point of the course; and approaching the Up-Start! Competition.

Basically, for people who have attended ENT 101, you can get a chance to present your business idea to the attendees, as well as some judges.  The winning idea wins a prize, but of course, the bigger prize is actually getting the experience of standing up and explaining your idea to a room full of people (or so they told me last night haha!).  Anyways, before you can even be considered for the presentation portion of the Up-Start! Competition, you need to fill out an application of sorts, that is, write an executive summary for your business idea (mine being the Home Renovation Blog).

At first I was like, ya no problem, I can totally do that!  Then I got to the whole, actually sitting down to write it, and I had a momentary freak out.  Like, wait, how is starting a Home Renovation Blog actually solving a problem, and how do I create a proper business model enabling me to make money?  Around this time, my husband was also pretty hesitant to the blogging idea in general, as he doesn’t believe it to be a viable career option.

I was feeling pretty dejected at this point; I mean, why can’t I just do something I love for the sake of doing it!?  Why does making money have to be the only outcome?  Well… that’s opening a whole ‘nother can of worms, I mean, considering we live in a world revolved around stuff, commercialism and buying etc.  Again… can of worms, so I will stay clear of that topic!  So what am I to do!?

Well… a couple of weeks went by and I have slowly started building back up the confidence that I originally had for the success of my home blogging venture.  Now, all that’s left to do is actually write down that executive summary (ooh, and I have the cutest idea about how I’m going to design it… of course!) and then submit it.  And hopefully I’ll be selected to go to the next step of the competition, and speak a mentor about developing this business.

Wish me luck!

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