Half-Way Through my First “Career”

So it is the beginning of March two-thousand and thirteen!  I have been working as a Social Media Intern/Coordinator since the beginning of September; which would be about 6 months ago.  I mention this because I was hired on a one-year contract, therefore I am half-way in (hence the title of the post) .  While the suggestion of re-hiring me is (slightly) possible, I doubt that it would be within the same exact position.

On that note, I wonder what the proper etiquette for applying for another job would be?  How far ahead do I start looking (considering I looked for months while in my final year in school).

But even before I consider applying for new jobs/careers, I definitly should give my portfolio website an update (visually, functionally, etc).  I’m still running most of my navigational content on flash (which I personally love, but many mobile devices do not) so I am trying to make it more “dynamic” and what-not.

Should I create a new demo-reel?  Havn’t done too many videos or (any) 3D graphics, and all my work would consist of “work” projects only… not too interesting I guess?

I think for now I shall focus on a new home/index/landing page for my portfolio website, and slowly work from there!

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