Goals to Achieve and My New (Other) Blog

I was reading a very good article on Social Media Examiner entitled “Top 10 Easy Steps to Starting a Business Blog“, and it was actually re-linked in a post on their site to commemorate their 5 year anniversary (as it was their first post).  In addition to giving great tips about starting and continuing a blog, there was actually a very interesting statistic that stood out for me.

Over 50 percent of blogs are abandoned within the first 90 days

Even though her article was talking about tips for business blogs in particular, I still think that most/all the points she mentioned are also relevant for personal blogs.  Another reason that I was drawn to read that article, is that other than this blog, I have the hopes of starting another blog – a business blog about home renovations.  I got the idea to start a blog in the middle of our recent kitchen renovation, and I have since been reading other blogs in that genre and am really excited to launch this new personal project.  But, like all the things I do, I try not to rush in to anything right away, and make sure I have a solid plan in place.  So far, I have researched different Wordpress themes, and with the help of Yasmine Taha, I have selected (and subsequently purchased) the one I will be using.  I already have the domain name I want to use, and have even developed the logo.

Nevertheless, these can all be considered small steps towards the big goal of launching the blog, because I still have to install the theme, write some basic content (ie: about page, etc.) and develop all the blog posts.  And, because it’s a home renovation blog, I will need to organize and curate all my images as well.  I am actually waiting on something else (sorta not blog related) to go through before I launch, so it will more than likely be early 2015.  In the meantime, I will need to decide if I want to pre-populate the blog with some posts before I “launch” or if I will launch with a blank slate, and then just add the content following my normal schedule (which at this point, I think will be twice per week).

In anticipation for this new venture in my life, and because I am enrolled in Entrepreneurship 101, I have decided to review my list(s) of life goals, and put them all in one central location.  I have even created a sidebar widget and put them all there together!  Side note – people you meet in Entrepreneurship 101 almost always ask what your startup idea or business is, (to which I reply, I freelance part-time and hope to launch a home renovation blog soon).  But of course that is just the tip of the iceberg!

So here my list is, as of October 2014!

Continue adding to this blog
Yay that is what is happening now!  I don’t want to be that top statistic
Write other short stories
I actually have two that are almost done (one is like 90%, the other is 50% I think) and then I can post them to this blog! Which helps the first point… yay!
• Freelance more heavily
Yes, I have done this since I wrote about it in my other post, but I could always work more I guess (haha, ohh I think I will regret saying that…)
• Launch Home Renovation Blog!
Yep, pretty much covered this one in this post
• Update my website & make it responsive
Ugh, this is almost a whole ‘nother topic to write about… you know when you have a lot of work ahead of you and you just keep putting it off since it’s solely personal and you’re really not getting paid or anything… yep that’s how I feel about this one – but it needs to get done (hopefully sooner rather than later, but I estimate around March)
• Work on visual art projects/paintings
Hmm, I think I may try and incorporate this into my home renovation blog as crafty/DIY projects – we shall see, but I don’t have any specific projects in mind yet
• Present at FITC Toronto
I actually have an idea for a topic so that is exciting!
• Have my paintings/art in an exhibition
Well I would need to like… do some of these for this goal, but I’m ok in pushing this one back a couple of years
• Further my education
I was originally thinking a Masters in Design or similar, but now that I am launching the home renovation blog, I’m thinking I might go legit and get a degree in interior design
• Open my own crêpe shop
This is kind of a secret business I want to start up (secret, as in I haven’t mentioned it to anyone in Ent 101 yet… I kind of don’t want people to steal my idea 🙁 ) And again, this is a few years in the making (but I have everything planned in my head of course!)
• Teach (college or university classes)
Maybe when I am old and gray? Haha who know about this one… definitely at the end of the list for a reason.

And then there’s the ol’ have lots of babies, build the dream home, have a home renovation/décor empire, etc. etc.

Until next time 🙂

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