Let’s Get Down to Business!

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the “Writing a Business Plan” seminar at the Regional Business Centre in Sudbury.  I was there for work purposes, but I definitely got a lot of great resources for my personal projects and future ventures as well.  Not only was the seminar free, but I found out that they also offer business consultations (for free too!).  While I may not be ready to dive into anything yet, this is something that I will for sure be using in the future.

Last week I mentioned that I wouldn’t be making any New Year’s Resolutions… well, while that’s technically true, I will be hopefully doing some house-keeping duties pretty soon.  Things like updating my social media accounts, following up with past clients, re-evaluating my freelancing pricing structure, and such.  I want to get a nice new headshot for my profile pictures, and I was thinking of getting them professionally done, but luckily I got a brand new DSLR camera for Christmas (thank you Mom!).  I also got a tripod, so now I just need to pick a date and time and get everything done myself 🙂

So armed with my updated profiles and any technical business savvy I can get from the Regional Business Centre – I can definitely say that 2015 will be a pivotal year in my personal/professional career.  Once all that is set up, all that would be left to achieve in some of my short-term goals (see Sidebar for the list) would be to update my portfolio website.  I’ve already decided that I’m going to be updating the home page with the look that I want – and then tackling the actual portfolio section when I have a bigger chunk of time.

But what about the Home Renovation Blog you say?  Don’t worry… I’ve been slowly and secretly plugging away at that for the past couple of weeks.  I’m hoping to do an official launch by the February 1st, so stay tuned!

Recap/Reminder of Things to Do ASAP:

  • Update LinkedIn Profile, adding new picture and relevant projects
  • Upload Twitter Profile picture and look and Bio
  • Update Google+ Profile and develop a G+ marketing strategy
  • Setup photoshoot and take those profile pictures!
  • Continue working to prepare for the launch of my Home Renovation Blog

Goodbye for now !

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