FITC Toronto 2015 Coming Soon!


FITC Toronto is starting in less than 2 days and I can hardly wait!  Today’s blog post will be a pre-recap (precap?) about my upcoming trip to Toronto to attend FITC (and I am so excited!). In case you missed the other blog posts I wrote about various FITC events, feel free to go check them out now:

So just a bit of a background into me and FITC (I would say FITC and I, but I like the rhyme the other way better).  Anyways, I attended my first FITC Toronto event in 2010, and I’ve been going every year since then (well, minus 2013… but let’s not remind ourselves of that!).  I also attended the Web Unleashed event in 2014 (which is a much smaller event, and not as long), and I think I am addicted?  Is that possible?

Visiting FITC Toronto (which is their largest event) is just so uplifting!  I love getting to see a bunch of different presentations on what people are working on, learning different design/developing techniques and meeting cool like-minded people (when I actually force myself to talk to others).

Want to know what’s even fun-er about this year?  I have been selected as a room host/MC!!!!  Basically, I get to be the person that presents the really cool presenters… I am the presenters’ presenter!  This is just one step closer to checking off one of my goals (which is to actually present something at FITC)… hint I am thinking it will be along the lines of entrepreneurship and starting up a business.

And finally, want to know a weird tidbit of information about me and FITC?  The first year I attended, the great graphic designer James White (aka Signalnoise) had designed all the branding for the event and gave his first presentation.  And every year since I’ve attended I’ve always gone to his presentations.  The weird tidbit?  The year I didn’t attend, he didn’t have a feature presentation (but I believe there was a smaller one on the b-side).  It’s like me and James White are controlled by the same FITC gods!  (I am the only one that knows this… and it might just be a weird coincidence).

So yes, I aptly decided to use the picture we took together from FITC 2011 as the picture of this blog – I am so cool!  (And I was too lazy to go find the original so I just screen-capped the one from Twitter).

PS: Other things I am looking forward to in Toronto?  Eating a lot of delicious food!  (I’m on the last day of a 3-day juice cleanse, so I might just explode)

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