Driving up a Hill: An Analogy

I drive a lot; therefore have a lot of time to think… and have since come up with this analogy between driving and life:

You are driving at a steady speed, not using cruise control, but still steady.  When you approach a hill, you have two options: keep your foot at the same position, thus slowing down due to gravity, or pushing down on the pedal a bit so that you maintain that same speed.

A similar scenario happens on the other side of the hill, going down.  You can either keep your
foot on the pedal at the same angle, probably increasing your speed; or you can ease up off the pedal a bit and let gravity do its job.

In life, when you approach a tough problem or situation (maybe financial?) you can either keep on doing what you’re doing or you can just put your foot down a bit, and try and move through the problem.

Conversely, when something is going good, you can choose to push forward like the world isn’t already helping you out or ease up and let the ride take you down.

Just got one last hill to get over?  Is that already a saying?

What’s the best method?  Well I guess it could also depend on the situation at hand… Either way, think about it!

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