Collecting Clothes

Ever thought to yourself “Hey I have a lot of clothes?”.  Well I know I do!  I’ve compiled a list of all the clothes I have (and there are some things missing too) for a few reasons.  But mostly its to take an exact inventory of what I have so that I stop buying things!  Here it is:

Socks:  52 (pairs!)
Underwear: 67
Bras: 22 (regular and sports)
Tights & Pantyhose : 22
Bathing Suits: 14
PJ Tops: 10
PJ Bottoms: 14
T-Shirts: 41
Work-Out Shirts: 23
Shorts: 21
Skirts: 17
Dresses: 33
Pants: 17 (jeans, sweatpants, etc.)
Sweaters: 34
Tank-Tops: 44
Long-Sleeve Shirts: 32
Coats: 9
Shoes: 40 (including slippers)

Well…. that’s 512 items!!!!!

You know the 100 item challenge ? Well… i’ve definitively gone 5 times that much with just clothing… If I actually counted all the things I have in my house… i’d probably be closer to the 5000 mark!

But do not fret!  Even though I do own a lot of things and therefore am not “item conscious” about all the things I own….

I always recycle! (and you should too)

So go count your items of clothing and compare them to mine;  I’d love to see what people actually have!

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