Believe in Karma?

Basically, if you do, you think that if you do good things, good things will come to you, and if you do bad things… well your life will suck.  There are probably some people who treat this as a way of life, forever scared that something bad may happen to them if they are not good all the time.  But, should people really be scared of “karma”? Or should we all generally just be nice to people because it makes everyone feel good, both you and them?

If you are someone in my target market (female between the ages of 15-30) you have probably seen the movie “Mean Girls” .  Heck… even if you aren’t in this category, you should watch that movie anyways!  Yes it’s hilarious, and yes… it is about high school… and is fictional… but there are many life lessons to be learnt!

Today, I’m going to rant about one topic that this movie covers, and that’s talking about people behind their backs.  Now, this is a common theme in the movie, and even more so in real life, ESPECIALLY with women and girls.  Boys probably do it too… but will never admit to it, blah blah blah.  But for the sake of argument, let’s just assume that EVERYBODY talks about people “behind their back”. And for the most part, I’m also assuming that it is probably in a negative way, or definitively something that they wouldn’t actually say to the person.

People can disagree with me all they want.  Trust me, YOU DO IT!  But why?  If we all truly believed in karma, wouldn’t we see that this is something negative, and therefore not do it? Or do we all tell ourselves that we’re just “letting off some steam” or “it’s not bad…” etc etc.  I mean, don’t we all get upset when we find out that friends/coworkers/acquaintances have been talking about us behind our backs?  Do we really have anything to complain about if we do it too?

It’s a vicious cycle!

That I would like to put an end to.            (at least for me personally)

So from this November 2011th day forth, I will no longer (or I’ll try my ABSOLUTE hardest) talk negatively about someone… ANYONE, behind their backs, AT ALL.  No more “venting”, “discussion”, “sharing”, or anything of the sort if it is negative and can hurt someone else’s feelings.  I will start off by trying to do it secretively, like just being silent if I hear others around me doing it.

After all, as one of my sayings goes: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Eventually I think I will have to tell people why I am not participating in their conversations, or might even just get up and leave.  I also think this will be the single most difficult thing I have ever done.  I don’t think I can recall many conversations that have not been focused on saying negative things, which must make me a horrible person 🙁

Now, there are SOME exceptions to my new life rules.  First off, I am the project manager of certain group projects at school; therefore I will need to keep a biased opinion and listen to all my team members’ issues when they arise in order to deal with them appropriately.  I will try and understand their situation and will merely agree or provide further feedback to remedy the situation.  Secondly, if I am really annoyed with someone, and I mean REALLY ANNOYED and others require my point of view, I will just nod or shake my head to answer.

So what will this new life decision do for me?  Well, for the first while, I probably won’t talk that much at all.  It will definitely be hard to keep true to this promise and remember why I am doing this.  I do truly want to be a better person and think that this is a HUGE step in the right direction, and will for sure help with a lot of my faults.

And yes, I am being selfish in thinking that if I don’t talk bad about people, than they can’t talk bad about me either right?

Well here’s hoping I stick to my gun, and that karma really works!

Ohh, and that I don’t bottle things up inside and eventually explode… which let’s be honest, based on my past experience and that this is a huge problem with my personality already, this will probably be the more likely outcome… darn…

Ok karma, let’s go!

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