Backing Down a Hill

Another story to add to my recent string of odd travelling dreams.

My boyfriend and I were leaving an event, on a rainy overcast day.  We had to park in a grassy field, surrounded by  tall hills/rocks, along with many other cars.  As i went to reverse the car, i noticed that there was another one approaching behind us.  However, the brakes wouldn’t work!  Instead of breaking, the car began to slide backwards at a faster speed due to the wet and slippery terrain.  Luckily, the car noticed that we were not stopping and let us pass.

Unfortunately, the car still was not stopping.  We had to maneuvre the car in reverse so that it would not hit any of the other cars that were parked.  Eventually, we noticed that the car was heading down a steep hill, and there was no way to stop it.  Once we reached the bottom of the hill, we noticed that there was another rocky wall that we were heading towards, however the vehicle was still moving.  As this area was larger and empty, i just turned the wheel so that we would avoid the rock wall; and we eventually slowed down to a stop.

Looking to our left we saw that the rock wall extended back to the other, so we were cornered in on that side.  On the right, was a chain link fence, then a large ditch, then a highway; so that was not an option either.  The only way to get out of this meadow area would be to go back up the hill.

Facing it head on, i put my foot on the gas and we slowly crept up, barely making it the whole way.  We saw some other cars slipping down, but they would regain control before making it as far down as we did.

We made it out safely.

Now this is the only dream from this recent series that i can actually remember accomplishing my goal of going back up (the hill/road/stairway).  So perhaps whatever i was subconsciously dreaming of or thinking about has gotten resolved?  Hopefully!

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