Back from Italy!

I’m back from the lovely Rome, Italy (for the honeymoon FYI)! We spent about 10 days there (plus or minus some travelling in and out) and the weather was gorgeous! About 15-23·C during the day, and then a bit cooler at night and it only really rained hard 1 day (we stayed in) and sprinkled another day or two for a few hours. You could definitely tell we were tourists because we were wearing short sleeves or shorts, and all the locals had on winter jackets and boots!


Visited the main tourist sites: Colosseum, Vatican City, Pantheon, etc. and even spent a day at the zoo! Fun Fact: the holes in the Colosseum are from when people would chisel out the iron/steel pins to sell for money. One night, as we were walking out to go get dinner, I just happened to see this business from the corner of my eye… so close to my URL / online names. The husband was not impressed with this picture… thought I was being ridiculous… whatever!


After a long day of flying on the way back to Canada, longer of course because Lufthansa pilots had just gone on strike that morning (cancelling all short and medium distance trips… aka our first connection), we stopped in and picked up our Tootsie Roll! Don’t worry, we did get our flights changed and got in a few hours later than we were planning originally… so not too bad (some people didn’t have the option to leave that day… so that would have sucked!)


But yes, our little Tootsie Roll (Tootsie, for short) is a Mini Australian Shepherd (or mini Aussie, for short) and she is such a little cutie! She’s almost 10 lbs now and will grow around 3 times that… so a perfect size I should say! I’ll update you all as she grows, until next time!

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