April 2012 – A crazy month

The month of April was crazy!

It’s now the beginning of May, and I can finally sit down and relax and actually go online and add to my (empty-ish) blog.

So let’s see… the beginning of April I was busy writing a humongous essay, while also trying to finish up work on our IMD senior project ;.  The project showcase was on Thursday April 10th and I definitively spent many long nights up to then.  I had an exam early the next morning, and was exhausted, so I really couldn’t celebrate being done the biggest project of my life.  The next 10 days after that was honestly a blur.  I have no idea where that time went, but I did manage to finish up my last class (documentary/essay combo); make a demo reel and go through the entire story mode of The Lost Valley and make a short video for that as well!

Ohh, and I also had to start packing my stuff from my home, seeing how we sold it and needed to be out by the end of the month.  But then it was my favourite time, FITC!

This year’s FITC was the best so far I think! It was my third time going as a student, and I don’t know if it was the combination of my (unofficial) last time going, or the fact that I actually have free time to do fun projects (since I currently don’t have a job and have all the time in the world).  Here is a breakdown of the epiphanies I came up with based on the presenters at FITC:

  • Screw getting a job; just do what you want to do!
  • If you love what you do, people will take notice

But based on many wonderful presentations, and just the fact that it finally hit me that I am done school, I plan on spending my free time doing the following

  • Updating my website and making it mobile compatible
  • Working on visual art projects/paintings
  • Continuing adding to this blog
  • Writing my few other short stories (for the blog of course)
  • Hopefully getting a job! (I need to eat!)

And I’ve also come up with a list of my future career goals

  • Be a presenter at FITC
  • Have my paintings in an art exhibition
  • Teach (college or university classes)

And basically get a fun job that I love doing… maybe go to grad school… the list goes on!

So it’s been less than a week of May and the world is my oyster!

Stay tuned for more to come!

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