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A little bit good at everything.

My name is Nicole Q-Schmitz (née Quenneville) and I am a Multimedia Content Designer and Marketer.  I am a graduate of the Interactive Multimedia and Design program at Carleton University and Algonquin College; with a minor in Art History.  I have both a college diploma and university degree and learnt a broad range of subjects ranging from graphic and web design, all the way to 3D computer graphics, animation, video game design and everything in between.

I originally created this blog so that I could share weird dreams and my short stories (all of which are inspired by dreams) and curate some photos (which I then moved to Pinterest).  I have since added some driving/travelling musings, my current projects, and some semi-narcissistic posts about me (as this is my blog!) and of course, some random un-categorizable thoughts.  I am planning on posting some great content revolving around social media/web design, etc. so stay tuned!

Want to know more about my “brand” or how to get a hold of me?  (Don’t forget to check out my portfolio site at www.nicolesportfoliosite.com)

Linked In: Connect with me if you are interested in what I do, and want to work with me; or just see some of the past jobs and projects I have done.

Twitter: Check out my crazy thoughts and tweets.  I am 100% against having two different twitter accounts (one that is professional, and one that is personal) because I feel that in order to truly understand a person, especially me, you shouldn’t separate the two.

Pinterest: My pins center on interior design, nail polish design, food and fun!  Follow me to see what I am interested in.

Vimeo: Watch the videos I created (mostly for school projects).

A little bit good at everything

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