A Week in the Life

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to work as a Social Media Moderator/Content Creator via one of the contacts I made at my current job.  I can put as much time into it as I want, can work from home, and much of the initial setup has already been done.  This particular client is a sports team (hockey specifically), therefore there would not be as much work to do during the summer months (great… since I already have two other jobs!).

When I informed my boyfriend of this, he was happy that I could work more towards my field of Interactive Multimedia Design (compared to one job, which is not related).  However, he suggested that I quit said un-related job as I only work part-time, and for less money than he thinks is “good”.  He then told me I was a work-a-holic (hey I am Type A after all!) and that I work too much and never hang out with him.  (On a side-note, we are also planning a wedding … yay!)

But as you can see, I definitely have a lot on my plate.  My dad also refers to me as the “Hardest Working Girl in Sudbury” but I really don’t think that is accurate.

And to the point of this post!  I decided to create a graph of what a typical week in the life looks like for me, using the months of April/May as a general reference.  Ohh… and I should also add that because of the summer months, I have joined two (not one… two!) recreational sports leagues… so more of my time should be taken up with that in the near future!

Graph of hours in a week

So here it is!  And here is a quick summary:

  • I work a bit more than I sleep (hey when I was still in school, that sleep would have been much smaller!  I at least get an average 8 hours a night!)
  • Driving is a large category as I work over an hour away
  • Food involves prep and eating time (but does not count food time while at work)
  • Online is general blogging, social media, researching, time wasting
  • TV is both actual and online tv watching
  • Hygiene and cleaning are a part of life!  These are kind of a gimme
  • Fitness is a bit more than it was (say in December/January) but as I mentioned, this will be increasing in a bit
  • Friends time, is mostly hanging out with the Boyfriend, and whatever other “friends” I get to see… which is not much since I don’t know anyone that well in Sudbury… and don’t have much time too either!

What I would like to change:

  • Keep sleep as it is
  • Decrease work
  • Increase fitness
  • Increase friend time
  • Decrease driving (which will only really happen in September)

So I will create new graph in a month or so… and see how it compares! (stay tuned…)

As a side note, I first made a simple pie chart in Word/Excel and input all the hours.  I had some missing to make up the week, so I just pumped up some categories that I may have underrated (online, working, driving).  I then copied the image into Illustrator and retraced all the pie sections.  Then I remembered that I hate circles (plus I wanted to be a bit fancier!) and put it in a square shape, and tried to make sure the data didn’t get too skewed (as in the corners, where it becomes elongated).  Input the titles and voilà!

So what do you think?  How does your weekly time compare to mine?



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