25 Things I Learned when I was 25


This week I turned 26 – that’s right, I’m an adult!  While some could argue that you’re “officially” an adult when you’re 18, you still have a lot of growing up to do.  Here is a list that I curated of all the things I learned (about life) when I was 25.  Albeit, some I did learn when I was 24, 23, etc.  Also, apparently a “25 at 25” list is something that a lot of people do?  At least that’s what I saw when I searched it the other day (bah – I thought I was being original!).  Here we go:

About Time

1. You ALWAYS make time for the things you actually want to do.

2. Time seems to exponentially go by faster the more you get older

3. Take time off work once in a while. 
Sometimes you just need to get away (whether physically or emotionally)

4. Use a calendar
Organize your time, making sure to include blocks for the things that you have to do (and don’t necessarily want to do).  If you get all the boring/tedious things out of the way first, you have more free time to do the fun things (and that way, the items on your to-do list aren’t constantly picking at the back of your mind, causing unnecessary stress)

5. Do things while waiting for other things
Waiting for the microwave or the toaster? You can get a lot done in 2 minutes if you actually try

About Money/Stuff

6. Start saving for retirement early on
Put a small amount of money away at regular intervals.  Don’t use that money for anything else. Have a savings account that you can dip into when you need to make bigger/unexpected purchases.

7. Just because your parents/spouse/friends/children have money – doesn’t mean you have money. (Or need to have money to hang out with them)

8. Stop buying (physical) things you don’t need.  Stuff will slowly start to weigh down on you.

9. Spend money on experiences
I used to think people wasted their money on certain things, like getting manicures/pedicures.  It’s obviously more cost effective to purchase your own polish and paint your nails at home.  But you’re paying for the experience, it’s a designated time to relax, away from everything.  Plus, you won’t end up with having to purchase lots of different nail polish colours (which would add to the overall clutter you have in your house too).  Tell your friends/family that you don’t want stuff either (ie: presents) unless it’s something you realistically know you need and will use.  I’d much rather receive in-tangible items (ie: events, food, vacations).  It’s hard to convince people not to buy things; for some reason everyone feels better about themselves when they spend 50$ on item ABC rather than spend 40$ on dinner out.

10. Money doesn’t make people nicer, better friends, better parents, etc.  Never judge people on their outward appearances or the things they own.

About Age

11. You are dumb when you are 15
No matter what age you are, as you get older you will look back and realize you were not as cool/smart as you thought you were then.

12. It always feels like people who are older than you know more than you
But when you actually get to that age, you don’t think you know what you thought they knew

13. People will always judge those who they perceive to be younger than them.  Not necessarily saying this is a good or bad thing

14. Embrace how you look.  Don’t try and look older or younger than the age you are now. I still look like I am in highschool for some reason (especially when I am wearing glasses)

15. If you spend less time looking in the mirror, you’ll notice less wrinkles (or other “problems”)!

About Goals

16. You can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything you want.  (I wrote about this last week, turns out it’s a concept from David Allen – so I will need to check up on his work!)

17. If you don’t write it down, it won’t happen

18. Sometimes you need people to tell you “no” just so you can get the motivation to prove them wrong

19. Dream big and create a plan; setting timelines helps move your goals along.

20. If you don’t have GOals, how do you expect to GO anywhere or do anything?


21. Always plan your lunch for the next day.  I usually make sure to have extra leftovers from the night before, or at least have a plan in place BEFORE it’s actually lunch time.

22. It’s easier to maintain a clean house/room/desk/etc. a bit each day than trying to organize and clean everything all at once

23. People are lazy (about food). 
They eat the food that’s in front of them and is convenient.  If the only options in front of you are healthy ones, than you will eat healthier!

24. People will always do what they want to do.
You can’t force them to listen to you if they don’t want to (so as this list applies to me, it probably won’t apply to you!)

25. There are some things you can remember how to do if you haven’t done it in a while (like riding a bike, or skating) but there are other things that need to be re-taught from scratch

And there you have it!  A semi-comprehensive with some wise words of wisdom from yours truly 🙂  Do you agree with the points I brought up?  Am I missing anything?  Let me know!

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